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vacation home Casa Lilli

What would you think of a sunny afternoon on the sunroof, reading a book. Or let your thoughts drift away through rolling hills, sunflowers, vineyards and olive trees.

Let your eyes rest on Ripatransone, a daydreaming, medieval village which, at night under the twinkling stars, seems to slither down the hill like a gigantic ship. And further you go, over farmlands, churches and even more hills, till you reach the Sibillini Mountains and its Capo, the 2476 meter high Monte Vettore.

Or what about a lazy stroll at the seaside? Wide open beaches, lounge chairs and sunshades, tasty restaurants for a sip and a bite.

Or could you do with some action? Sea sports galore, in the air, on the beach, it is your choice. Or rent a bike and follow the 'pista ciclabile' from Cupra to Grottamare. Nice and easy at first, but as you bike inland, your calves will be challenged, you've been warned! But ah, here we go again, far away from our 'dolce far niente'.

And that's what we had in mind, didn't we?

Casa Lilli: Lower apartment

Casa Lilli: Upper apartment


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